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  • How can meditation help authors?

    There are two parts of the brain that can be used for writing. The analytical brain is good for editing. The creative brain is good for writing the rough draft. If you try to write from the analytical mind, it multiplies the time and effort needed to write a book.

  • A productivity tool

    My base word count per hour is an average 3,000. That's five time faster than Bob Baker, the author of the Guerrilla guide to book marketing. What distinguishes us? I am pretty sure that apart from the gender, it is the fact that I meditate every day.

  • Making every hour more valuable

    Meditation has heaps of benefits, one of them being increased productivity. When you write a book as well as run a business, this is not a benefit to turn your back on. Every minute you invest in listening to one of my guided meditations is time well invested.

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